Since 1997 Vaalia has been creating delicious probiotic yoghurts for Australians of all ages. We have always had a passion for probiotics and helping people feel good. Our aim is to lead the way in providing premium probiotic yoghurt that not only tastes great but does you good from the inside out.


Not all yoghurts contain probiotics and not all probiotics are created equal. Vaalia’s probiotics have been carefully selected and their benefits are backed by science. Our special combination of three probiotics are proven to boost immunity and digestion.*


LGG® probiotic can help strengthen your immune system while the combination of our BB-12® probiotic and dietary fibre provide digestive support*.

Vaalia is proudly made in Australia with 100% Australian milk. You can trust there are no artificial colours or sweeteners in Vaalia and no preservatives.

There’s a delicious creamy Vaalia yoghurt to suit everyone’s tastebuds – from natural to velvety vanilla, flavoursome fruit and lactose free varieties.

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Did you know that all Lactalis Australia pouches are recyclable through the REDcycle Program? To find your nearest drop off location, visit


*As part of a varied and healthy diet, LGG® and BB-12® probiotics in Vaalia yoghurt at a daily intake of at least 1 billion CFU each can strengthen the immune system and improve bowel function in the general adult population, also with dietary fibre for regularity.


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