The quality of the dairy products that Lactalis Australia produces is of the utmost importance. As a business, Lactalis Australia is committed to the supply of legal, safe and quality dairy products which comply with customer expectation. This approach is encapsulated in a series of clear commitments that are followed across all Lactalis Australia production sites. Lactalis Australia is committed to:


Maintaining compliance to Export Control (Milk and Milk Products) Orders 2005, Food Standards Codes (FSANZ), BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard (WQA), State Dairy or Food Authority and all other relevant contractual, regulatory and legislative requirements


Recognising that food safety is a cross-functional responsibility that includes activities by many departments using HACCP principles in our food manufacturing operations, to produce and supply safe products for consumption


Requiring Managers and supervisory team members to show leadership and responsibility in all activities


Monitoring, reviewing and continually improving quality outcomes by setting quality objectives and targets in relation to the company’s overall performance


Working actively with our suppliers of goods and services to seek ways to promote continuous improvement in the quality of our products


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