Galbani’s rich history began in Ballabio, a small village in the lush valley of the Lombard Alps, where father and son Davide and Egidio Galbani released their first production of cheese “Rabiola” in 1882. Now available in more than 130 countries Galbani is known worldwide for its flavour and consistent high quality. Galbani fresh mozzarella and bocconcini cheeses are now also being made in Australia to the traditional Italian recipe. To bring the authentic taste of Italy to your next meal try;

  • Galbani Fresh Mozzarella 120g, ideal for the famous Italian caprese salad
  • Galbani Bocconcini 180g, perfect for melting on pizzas
  • Galbani Bocconcini Mini 180g for tossing through salads


To see the many delicious ways mozzarella and bocconcini can create bellissimo meals visit for recipes to inspire and delight!


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